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1987 Cera engineering established
1989 Siheung plant
1992 Specific thermal equipment licensed certified
1994 Class A certified licensed trade business
1995 Registration of Trade Business
1997 Professional construction acquisition
2002 ISO 9001 certified manufacturer

Fire Brick
Insulating Brick
High Temprature Fire Brick
Insulating Fire Brick
Ceramic Fiber
Vacuum Furmed Ceramic Fiber
Special shaped Refractories
High Temperature Bonding Mortar

-Refractories Installation
Vibration Casting-Orifice Chamber
Hand Packing-Dissengager
-Brick Lining-N.C.C. Heater
-Octanol REformer
Ceramic Fiber Lining
-Ceramic Fiber Blanket Lining
-Ceramic Fiber MOdule Lining
-Equipment and Tools
-Refractory Anchoring
Anchoring System

-Shuttle kiln
-Tunnel Kiln
-Electric FUrnace
GUnning Machine
Castable MIxer
Hobart MIxer
Stuc Welder
Air Rammer
Fire Brick Cutter
Conver Mixer
-Dry out System
Refractory Dry out

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